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Haggard is an internationally known ensemble from Germany which was founded in 1989. Their style of music is an enchanting mixture of classical music, medieval music and metal. The special thing: All instruments are played by real musicians on stage!

Support Haggard in the current situation on Corona virus

As many other bands also Haggard is affected by the worldwide pandemic. Shows have been cancelled, and it is a question of time now until everything is hopefully getting back to normal.

If you desire to support Haggard within these unfortunate times, here are some possibilities:

- Get some merch at the official Haggard Online Store
- Support us with a dime at
- Stream our albums at
- Stream Haggard on Spotify: Album "Awaking The Centuries"
- Stream Haggard on Spotify: Album "And Thou Shalt Trust The Seer"
- Stream Haggard on Spotify: Album "Progressive Mini-CD"

Tourdates 2020

¡En poco tiempo se anuncian los conciertos LATINOAMERICANOS!

Date Day Country City Venue/Festival Tickets


Turkey shows are postponed because of Corona!
Apr 2 Thur Turkey Izmir Izmir Arena postponed
Apr 3 Fri Turkey Ankara Milyon Performance Hall postponed!
Apr 5 Sun Turkey Istanbul If Performance Hall postponed!
Jun 27 misc DE Brande-Hörnerkirchen Hörnerfest postponed!
Aug misc DE Wacken Wacken Open Air postponed!

Haggard Merchandise

Official Haggard Merchandise can be found at

Haggard Street Team

Want to become a member of our Street Team? Please write to streetteam (at)

Dragonfest 2019

There will be another issue of Dragonfest! More news soon!

Nattvind Records

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Worldwide Management & Booking:

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